CULTURE TRAINING Sending key employees on overseas assignments comes at a significant cost. If expatriates/families/youth fail to adapt to the work/living style of the new location as well as to the norms and behaviors of their cultures, these assignments are at risk: Companies will lose business due to miscommunication and will miss out on international growth opportunities. Protect your investment in expat talent. Cultural Training & Coaching programs help clients save millions in potential losses on failed global assignments.

GLOBAL EXECUTIVES – POWER COMMUNICATION TRAINING As manager are working on foreign assignment, the ability to speak and understand the language of the host country improves steadily. Although they are an expert in their field and know how to lead, they feel like fish out of water. They sense that they are not getting through to some people. So now what? To be successful abroad, manager need to learn how to inspire and motivate in a foreign culture. They may need to redefine what “powerful” communication means in various cultural contexts and adapt to different ways of building and maintaining relationships.

INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS NEGOTIATION Whether they are expanding your business into new markets, or you are importing/exporting to and from abroad, or negotiating deals with foreign partners – everybody in their organization should have the relevant information about the countries and cultures the company is dealing with, in order to be successful.Training & Coaching programs will help to break down barriers to understanding so that managers can outperform the competition in international business.

VIRTUAL & GLOBAL TEAM DEVELOPMENT Do you work in a with different cultural backgrounds? When multicultural teams want to collaborate more efficiently, communication isn’t only hampered by a lack of language skills but even more so because of cultural misunderstandings. Through our Team Development Training Programs cultural understanding and empathy will be improved successfully Once multicultural teams understand each other’s values and motivators their productivity and efficiency reaches new levels

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